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The G20 series is a professional automatic rubber cutting machine, an ultrasonic cutting system composed of an automatic frequency tracking generator, a high-Q transducer and a special cutting knife. It has good performance when applied to rubber cutting. The whole machine is PLC man-machine interactive control, full servo motor drive, micrometer positioning, and the whole machine is modularized. In the process of cutting rubber, the structure of the product is not damaged, and the cutting precision is high. The thinnest cutting accuracy can reach 0.25mm.
  • Products Description
      Used for cutting thermal conductive silica gel, shielding silica gel, and unvulcanized rubber products.

      PLC man-machine interactive control, simple operation
      Fully private server motor drive, high control accuracy
      Automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic generator control, stable output frequency
      High-Q ultrasonic transducer with strong amplitude
      Special ultrasonic cutting knife, does not damage the structure of the product, and has strong wear resistance
      Micrometer positioning to ensure product cutting accuracy
      International brand accessories, stable quality
      Ultrasonic work abnormal alarm and other functions
    Technical Parameters

      Model number Frequency               Power           Cutting Width
      Cutting Height
      G20-150RC 20KHz 2000W 150 mm 100 mm
      G20-100TC 20KHz 2000W 100 mm 10 mm

    Applications of ultrasonic rubber cutter
    Applications of ultrasonic rubber cutter
    Applications of ultrasonic rubber cutter
    Applications of ultrasonic rubber cutter
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