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The QF20-T20 ultra sonic cutting system is composed of an automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic generator, a high-power ultrasonic transducer, and a titanium alloy cutting knife. It has a good performance in food cutting. The ultrasonic cutter knife is simple and convenient to install, real-time frequency tracking, adjustable amplitude, abnormal protection, etc.; it can be controlled by PLC or RS485 communication.
  • Products Description
      During the ultra sonic cutting process, due to the action of high-frequency vibration, the frictional resistance between the ultrasonic food cutter and the food is greatly reduced, thus achieving the effect of non sticking to the knife. At the same time, the cut surface is very smooth and neat, which improves the appearance quality of the food. The ultrasonic slicer is made of titanium alloy material, which is not only sturdy and durable, but also will not cause any adverse effects on food, ensuring the safety and hygiene of food.

      Intelligent automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic generator, real-time frequency tracking, power, current, frequency abnormal protection;
      20khz 2000W high-power transducer, low impedance, high conversion efficiency, strong amplitude;
      Titanium alloy horn, low impedance, high transmission efficiency ;
      Titanium alloy cutting knife, precision processing, strong amplitude output, long service life;
      Cutting height of 70-130mm, adapt to different cutting needs;
      The cutting surface is neatly organized, without deformation, and no debris, cutting multi-layer products, can maintain the level There is no color mixing; Cut food: frozen products and products containing butter can be adapted.
    Technical Parameters
      Product number QF20-T20-L95W4 QF20-T20-L200W4 QF20-T20-L260W4 QF20-T20-L305W4 QF20-T20-L350W12
      Ultrasonic generator JYD-2700S JYD-2700S JYD-2700S JYD-2700S JYD-2700S
      Working frequency 20KHz 20KHz 20KHz 20KHz 20KHz
      Working power 2000W 2000W 2000W 2000W 2000W
      Cutting width 95 mm 200 mm 260 mm 305 mm 350 mm
      Cutting height 130 mm 130 mm 130 mm 130 mm 130 mm
      Cutting knife material Titanium alloy Titanium alloy Titanium alloy Titanium alloy Titanium alloy
    Half Wave Ultrasonic Food Cutting System
    Half Wave Ultrasonic Food Cutting System
    Half Wave Ultrasonic Food Cutting System
    Half Wave Ultrasonic Food Cutting System
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