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The ultrasonic rubber cutting system is composed of an automatic frequency tracking generator, a high-Q ultrasonic transducer, and a titanium alloy cutting knife. It has a good performance in rubber cutting. The whole machine is simple and convenient to install, real-time frequency tracking, adjustable amplitude, abnormal protection, etc.; it can be controlled by PLC or RS485 communication.
  • Products Description
      Used for cutting tire crowns, thermally conductive silica gel, shielding silica gel, and unvulcanized rubber products.

      Intelligent automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic generator, real-time frequency tracking, power, current, frequency abnormal protection;
      20khz 2000W high-power transducer, low impedance, high conversion efficiency, strong amplitude;
      special ultrasonic cutting knife, accurate frequency, strong wear resistance ;
      Titanium alloy horn, low impedance, high transmission efficiency;
      high cutting precision, no deformation of the rubber;
      20khz or 40khz can be selected.
    Technical Parameters
      Ultrasonic Generator
      JYD-2700S JYD-2700S JYD-2700S JYD-2700S JYD-2700S JYD-2700S JYD-2700S
      Frequency 20KHz 20KHz 20KHz 20KHz 40KHz 40KHz 40KHz
      Power 2000W 2000W 2000W 2000W 1000W 1000W 1000W
      Cutting knife width 95 mm 190 mm 254 mm 355 mm 85 mm 120 mm 190 mm
      Cutting knife material Titanium alloy Titanium alloy Titanium alloy Titanium alloy Titanium alloy Titanium alloy Titanium alloy
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  • Ultrasonic Rubber Cutting System RQ
  • Applications
    Ultrasonic Rubber Cutting System RQ
    Ultrasonic rubber cutting, thickness measurement
    Ultrasonic rubber cutting, fast speed and high efficiency
    Ultrasonic rubber cutting, measuring the cutting thickness
    Ultrasonic rubber cutting, different thickness
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