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Q20-305R-MT is a manual ultrasonic cutter machine. The ultrasonic core components composed of intelligent automatic frequency tracking generator, high-power ultrasonic transducer, and food-grade titanium alloy cutting knife have good performance when used in food cutting. The cutting surface is neatly organized, free of debris, and beautiful. Ultrasonic cake slicer is suitable for pastry foods of different thickness and hardness, such as cheese, cakes and bread, pizza, nougat, soft candy and other foods.
  • Products Description
      It is suitable for cutting most food products. It can easily realize precise cutting of foods such as bread, cakes, cheese, frozen foods, etc. The vibration energy of the ultrasonic cake cutting machine is highly concentrated, and the cutting lines are clearer and more accurate. This can not only improve the yield of cakes, but also greatly reduce waste during the cutting process.

      Application:cream multi-layer cakes, sandwich mousse cakes, jujube cakes, steamed sandwich cakes, Napoleon, Swiss rolls. , Brownies, tiramisu, cheese, ham sandwiches and other baked goods.

      The cutting surface is neatly organized, non-deformed, and free of debris;
      using ultrasonic technology to cut, no sharp blade and no sticking to the knife;
      cutting multi-layer products, can keep the color between layers;
      can cut squares and equal circles by infrared positioning Products;
      cut food, frozen products, and products containing butter can be adapted;
      with abnormal alarm function.
    Technical Parameters
        Model Frequency Power Cutting width Cutting height
        Q20-305-MT 20khz 2000W 305 mm 65 mm / 130 mm
        Q20-305R-MT 20khz 2000W 305 mm 65 mm / 130 mm
    Manual cutting
    The cutting is smooth and does not stick to the knife
    Incision exquisite
    Titanium alloy cutting knife, long service life
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