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The Q20-2AT automatic ultrasonic food cutting machine is composed of an intelligent automatic frequency tracking generator, a high-power ultrasonic transducer, and a food-grade titanium alloy cutting knife. Good performance in food cutting. It adopts PLC man-machine interface control, which can cut squares and equal circles. The cutting effect is neatly organized, no debris, and beautiful in appearance. It is suitable for cakes of different thickness and hardness, such as cheese, cakes and breads, pizza, fudge and other foods.
  • Products Description
      It is suitable for cutting most food products. It can easily achieve precise cutting of products such as bread, cakes, cheese, frozen foods, etc. It is also suitable for cream multi-layer cakes, sandwich mousse cakes, jujube cakes, steamed sandwich cakes, Napoleon, Swiss rolls. , Brownies, tiramisu, cheese, ham sandwiches and other baked goods.

      PLC man-machine delivery control interface, simple operation, with abnormal alarm function;
      Full private server motor control, high cutting accuracy;
      Automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic generator drive, high-Q ultrasonic transducer, food-grade titanium alloy cutting knife;
      Support square and Equal circle cutting, can store ten sets of cutting process data;
      Automatic tool cleaning function, clean and hygienic; the cutting effect is neatly organized, no color, no debris, and no deformation;
      Frozen products and products containing butter can be adapted.
    Technical Parameters
      Product number Frequency Ultrasonic power Cutting width Cutting height
      Q20-305-2AT 20KHz 4000W 700mm 60-130mm(Confirm according to actual situation)
    Cake cutting
    Cake cutting
    Cake Cutting
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