Ultrasonic is very suitable for welding a large number of automotive parts, such as interior parts and exterior parts made of thermoplastic materials, engine room parts, and non-ferrous metal parts for cable harnesses and lithium-ion batteries. Jiayuanda's ultrasonic welding technology is for these The complex process requirements provide a quick and economical solution and guarantee the highest welding quality.
    ● Good sealing
    ● High firmness
    ● Precise size
    ● The appearance is flawless

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    In order to better protect food, retain its nutrients and good taste, a good packaging is particularly important. Ultrasonic sealing and welding technology provides the production possibility for packaging materials that use thermoplastic coatings, such as shells, tea bags, spouts, Valves, film packaging, beverage packaging, blister trays, etc., can all use Jiayuanda's superb ultrasonic welding technology, with tight welding seams, high speed production, and economical and practical.

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    When manufacturing hygiene products such as adult hygiene products, baby hygiene products, women's hygiene products, cosmetics and skin care products, there are high requirements for craftsmanship, requiring continuity, high speed, precision, economy, the shortest equipment time, and the most abrasion. Lightweight and stable product quality, these requirements cannot be met by conventional traditional connection technology. The ultrasonic welding technology developed by Jiayuanda combines these advantages and is very popular in the market.
    ● Laminated soft, super comfortable to wear
    ● Uniform melting point, strong multilayer composite
    ● Tight welding to achieve comprehensive protection
    ● No glue connection to meet skin-friendly needs
    ● Can still maintain elasticity after welding

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    Ultrasonic welding technology is widely used in medical components, medical packaging, medical and health products and wound healing materials, etc., without damaging the workpiece, the welding is strong and soft, the sealing is good, and the size is accurate.

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    Textile Industry Application Ultrasonic technology does not need to use needle and thread accessories, can complete stitching, edge cutting, pressing, carving, opening, forming and other processes, can meet the welding / cutting requirements of different materials / thickness, replace the traditional welding / bonding process. Suitable for making: nonwoven bag, carbon bag, tea bag, masks, lace clothes, ribbon, curtains, pillowcases, quilt covers, tents, nonwoven cloth, etc. ; Suitable materials: non - woven fabric, chemical fiber fabric, artificial leather, glue spray cotton, thermoplastic film, chemical plastic film, etc.

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    The application of ultrasonic welding technology to daily consumer goods can not only reduce costs, but also achieve exquisite appearance, accurate size, good sealing, and no indentation on the surface, which can meet the high requirements of different geometric shapes.

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    In the field of automation industry, the automation equipment itself is more complex, and the market demand for efficient automation equipment is increasing. Jiayuanda provides a good solution in the ultrasonic system. Either as a welding system integrated into automation equipment, or as a single component integrated into a special welding machine.

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