Ultrasonic welding of automobile parts in the engine room must ensure that the sealing, pressure resistance and function are not damaged. In the filter, the filter material must be welded firmly and must have high temperature and low temperature resistance. Jiayuanda's ultrasonic welding technology can meet these requirements well.

    Functional Parts

    The Jiayuanda ultrasonic welding system is equipped with a new generation of digital ultrasonic generator. The entire system is equipped with a 4.3-inch internal touch screen as standard. It cooperates with a self-developed operating system to achieve visual operation and control, and can perform 100% inspection and recording of all welding parameters, and It can ensure that the functions of built-in functional components are not restricted during welding.

    Exterior/Car Lights

    In the ultrasonic welding of automobile exterior lights, in addition to requiring high strength, good sealing and precise dimensions, it is also required to be free from scratches and indentations, and to maintain a beautiful appearance. Jiayuanda Ultrasonic can also complete the perfect complex shape. welding.

    In The Car

    Using Jiayuanda ultrasonic welding technology, plastic and plastic, plastic and metal, plastic and wood, plastic and chrome-plated parts can be connected to each other. The welding of the large combined instrument panel in the car can be achieved with the help of various types of welding heads, with a bright appearance and precise gaps.

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