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JYD-2801Q is a handheld ultrasonic cutting equipment. It is composed of an automatic frequency tracking generator, a high-Q ultrasonic transducer, and a titanium alloy cutting knife. It has a good performance in food cutting. The cutting surface has smooth tissue, no debris, and beautiful appearance. It is suitable for cutting pastries of different thickness and hardness, such as cheese, cakes, bread, pizza, fudge and other foods.
  • Products Description
      The handheld design makes this ultrasonic cutting machine for food more portable and flexible. Users can easily hold the portable ultrasonic cutter and freely move and cut according to their needs, whether it is a large cake or a small bread, they can easily handle it. At the same time, its operation is simple and intuitive, without the need for complex training and skills, and can be quickly mastered.

      Application:cream multi-layer cakes, sandwich mousse cakes, jujube cakes, steamed sandwich cakes, Napoleon, Swiss rolls. , Brownies, tiramisu, cheese, ham sandwiches and other baked goods.

      The cutting surface is well organized, not deformed, and free of debris
      Using ultrasonic technology to cut, no need for a sharp blade and no sticking to the knife
      Cut multi-layer products to keep no color crossover between layers
      Can be cut: sheet, rectangle, triangle, equal circle
      Cutting food: frozen products and cream-containing products can be adapted
    Technical Parameters
      Model no. Working frequency Max power Power controll Knife length Working voltage
      JYD-5028Q 28KHz 50W Three gears adjustable 200 mm 220V / 50HZ
    Handheld Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine 2801Q
    Handheld Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine 2801Q
    Handheld Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine 2801Q
    Handheld Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine-2801Q
    Handheld Ultrasonic Food Cutting System 2801Q
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