Why is the flower wheel of the ultrasonic lace machine easily worn out?
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There are two main reasons why the flower wheels of ultrasonic lace machines are prone to wear and tear.

Firstly, high hardness flower wheel molds have direct contact with ultrasonic amplitude changing rods during relative motion, making them prone to wear. The mold used for ultrasonic lace machine needs to meet a certain standard for surface hardness due to its need for cutting, punching, and other operations. However, if the surface hardness of the mold is too high, it will wear the surface of the amplitude lever, which is uneconomical; If the surface hardness of the mold is low, the mold is prone to damage and affects production efficiency. Therefore, the surface hardness of the mold needs to be controlled slightly lower than the hardness of the ultrasonic amplitude lever, which to some extent increases the possibility of mold wear.

Secondly, improper operation or untimely maintenance of the ultrasonic lace machine during use may also lead to wear of the flower wheels. For example, if the equipment runs too fast, there is no paper tape or film padding, insufficient pressure, the flower wheel or steel mold has worn out, and the power voltage is too low, all factors may cause flower wheel wear.

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