How to maintain the ultrasonic vibrating screen to prevent clogging of the screen mesh?
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Regular cleaning of the sieve: After daily use, the sieve should be cleaned, especially to remove material residues and debris, to prevent material accumulation and blockage on the sieve. Regularly cleaning the sieve holes and mesh with cleaning agents to ensure their surface cleanliness helps maintain the effective opening rate of the mesh and improve the screening effect.

Reasonable adjustment of screen tension: Reasonable tension can cause slight secondary vibration between the screen and the supporting beam, effectively reducing the occurrence of clogging. It can be achieved by turning the tensioning hook into a constant force tensioning mechanism, that is, by installing springs on the tensioning bolts.

Choose a suitable sieve: Choose a suitable sieve based on the characteristics of the material. For example, for materials with high water content, choose a sieve type that is not easily clogged. To avoid the possibility of material jamming, the screen wire diameter should be too coarse or the hole design should be unreasonable.

Control material characteristics: For materials that are prone to adhesion or have static electricity, corresponding measures can be taken, such as adding wetting agents or drying treatment, to reduce the accumulation and blockage of materials on the sieve.

Regular inspection and maintenance: Regularly inspect the screen for damage or deformation, and promptly repair and replace it. At the same time, check other components of the ultrasonic vibrating screen, such as springs, brackets, etc., to ensure they are intact and undamaged, so as not to affect the normal operation of the screen.

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