The application status of ultrasonic cleaning technology in power equipment cleaning
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Power equipment covers various key components such as generator sets in power plants, insulators in transmission lines, and transformers in substations. These devices will be affected by the environment, climate, and operating conditions during operation, resulting in surface pollution. Traditional cleaning methods, such as high-pressure water guns and chemical cleaning, have problems such as incomplete cleaning, damage to equipment surfaces, and environmental pollution. Ultrasonic cleaning technology can penetrate into tiny pores and thoroughly remove dirt attached to the surface of the equipment through the explosion of small bubbles and liquid flow generated by high-frequency vibration, without causing damage to the surface of the equipment.

In terms of generator sets, ultrasonic cleaning technology can be applied to the cleaning of key components such as rotors, stators, and coolers. This is of great significance for improving power generation efficiency and reducing equipment failure rates. In transmission lines, insulators, as a key component of power transmission, are often exposed to harsh weather conditions. The accumulated dirt can easily lead to breakdown and surface discharge of insulators. Ultrasonic cleaning technology can effectively remove these pollutants and improve the insulation performance of insulators.

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