How to control the feeding of ultrasonic vibrating screen?
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1. Uniform feeding: The feeding should be uniform to avoid sudden excessive feeding causing thickening of the screening surface material and affecting the screening effect. Uniform feeding can be achieved by adding gate devices, selecting conveyors for feeding, or installing distributors. The gate device can flexibly adjust the size of the feeding port, allowing the material to fully penetrate the screen surface. The conveyor can choose from belt conveyor, vacuum feeding machine, and screw conveyor to ensure that the materials are evenly distributed on the screen surface.

2. Control feeding amount: Control the feeding amount based on the load-bearing capacity and screening requirements of the sieve. Excessive feeding can cause damage to the sieve, resulting in material leakage and affecting the screening effect. The spiral feeder connected to the rotary vibrating screen can be designed as a variable speed form, making it convenient for users to adjust the feeding speed according to the material thickness and production requirements on the screen.

3. Observing the screening effect: During the screening process, it is necessary to observe in real time whether the discharge from the outlet is uniform. If there is little discharge from the discharge port for a long time, it may be due to material accumulation that cannot be screened out. It is necessary to stop the machine in a timely manner and reduce the feeding force when restarting.

4. Regular cleaning and maintenance: After the screening is completed, promptly clean the residual materials on the vibrating screen to maintain the cleanliness of the screen surface. At the same time, regularly inspect the various components of the vibrating screen, such as the screen, springs, motors, etc., to ensure their normal operation. Follow the equipment manual for maintenance and regularly replace vulnerable parts.

5. Choose the appropriate vibrating screen model: Different materials may require different types of vibrating screens, and choose the appropriate equipment according to the actual situation. When selecting a vibrating screen, factors such as material properties, screening requirements, and production capacity should be considered.

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