The application of ultrasound in the extraction of plant alkaloids
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Ultrasonic extraction technology utilizes the vibration and cavitation effects of ultrasound to effectively break down plant cell walls and membranes, allowing effective components such as alkaloids in cells to be quickly released into solvents, thereby improving extraction efficiency. At the same time, the thermal and mechanical effects generated by ultrasound can also enhance the dissolution and diffusion of effective ingredients, further improving the extraction efficiency. Compared with traditional extraction methods such as solvent extraction and precipitation, ultrasonic extraction technology has higher extraction efficiency. For example, when extracting alkaloids from ipecac, ultrasonic extraction for 30 minutes yields more alkaloids than using Soxhlet method for 5 hours. Similarly, when extracting small mulberry alkaloids from Coptis chinensis, the extraction rate of small mulberry alkaloids obtained by ultrasonic extraction for 30 minutes is more than 50% higher than that obtained by alkaline soaking for 2 hours.

Ultrasonic extraction technology is suitable for extracting various alkaloids from various plants, such as Mandala, Rauwolfia, Pepper, Cinchona, Gastrodia elata, Belleville, Millet, Ma Qian, Leonurus heterophyllus, Aconitum multiflorum, Corydalis yanhusuo, etc.

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