How to better clean the screen of ultrasonic vibrating screen?
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1、 Preparation before cleaning
(1)After shutdown, turn off the power switch and cut off the power supply;
(2) Gently brush off any residue on the sieve with a brush;

2、 Knocking and cleaning method
(1)Install the cleaned sieve onto the vibrating screen;
(2)After turning on the switch of the vibrating screen, gently tap the screen with a wooden stick to let the dirt fall off;
(3)After all the dirt has fallen off, turn off the switch of the vibrating screen and remove the screen for cleaning.

3、 Water washing method
a. Keep the water temperature between 30 ℃ and 50 ℃. Within this temperature range, the cleaning solution can play a greater role and the cleaning effect will be better.

b. First, rinse the sieve tray with clean water or cleaning solution to remove most of the dirt and residue on the surface.

c. If the residue is difficult to remove with clean water, use a high viscosity cleaning solution and appropriate tools such as a brush to thoroughly clean the sieve tray. Pay attention to the amount of cleaning solution used. If the screen is severely clogged or there are many material clumps, it is necessary to increase the amount of cleaning solution used.

d. During the cleaning process, check if the screen is damaged or cracked. After washing the screen, air dry or blow dry with a hair dryer before reinstalling.

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