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MAR series ultrasonic vibrating screen is a kind of mature machine used in the screening industry. It is an ideal vibrating screen machine for screening and processing fine powder and some high-precision materials. As a popular vibrating screen, in addition to its powerful function and wide application, the reason why ultrasonic vibrating screen can stand out from many vibrating screens is that it has a set of ultrasonic generator more than ordinary vibrating screening equipment. This set of ultrasonic device is composed of ultrasonic vibrating screen power supply and ultrasonic transducer. The function of ultrasonic vibrating screen power supply is to convert low-frequency current into high-frequency current, so as to use high-frequency vibration to screen materials. For ultrasonic vibrating screen, ultrasonic device is the most important component and the core of ultrasonic vibrating screen.
  • Products Description
      The ultrasonic vibrating screen has high filtration precision, which can effectively solve the problems of blocking the mesh due to agglomeration, static electricity and strong adsorption. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical, metallurgical, chemical, mineral processing, food and other industries requiring fine screening and filtration, such as screening silicon carbide, alloy powder, molybdenum powder, stainless steel powder, tungsten powder, nickel powder, cobalt powder, powder coating, quartz powder, butanone powder, malt powder, ribavirin, coffee powder, electromagnetic powder Cathode material, laser powder.

      Automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic generator: the Mar system automatically tracks the optimal resonant frequency to compensate the detuning caused by heating and other reasons;
      The amplitude can be adjusted in a wide range: 20% - 100% continuously adjustable, which is different from the shortcomings of traditional generators that are difficult to work with low amplitude;
      Startup diagnosis: during startup, test the main components of the system and track the variation of the optimal resonant frequency and load size;
      LCD display: visual control, simple, convenient and practical operation;
      ☞ Capacity Guarantee: it can work continuously for 24 hours, and the control power supply and transducer do not need to be cooled;
      High speed microcontroller: controlled by 32-bit ARM processor;
      Abnormal protection: including over-power consumption of the whole machine, over-current of inverter tube, undervoltage of inverter tube drive, over-voltage of load, and load frequency out of range;
      Easy installation: the energy conversion efficiency of the transducer is high, and it is connected with the screen with a screw;
      Screen self-cleaning function: no mesh blockage, no screening efficiency attenuation, ensuring that the characteristics of the screened materials remain unchanged;
      Cost control: reduce screen damage and material loss.
    Technical Parameters
      Product model Working Frequency Power Ultrasonic generator ultrasonic transducer Voltage
      MAR28-D55 28khz 50W JYD-2900EM JYD-3828-4P8-SE-D55 220V
      MAR28S-D55 28khz 50W JYD-2900EM JYD-3828-4P8-TR-D55 220V
      MAR28S-D58 28khz 100W JYD-2900EM JYD-3828-4P8-TR-D58 220V
      MARS28S-D65 28khz 80W JYD-2900EM JYD-3828-4P8-TR-D58 220V
      MAR35S-D55 35khz 70W JYD-2900EM JYD-3035-4P8-TMVF-D55 220V
      MAR35S-D58 35khz 80W JYD-2900EM JYD-3035-4P8-TMVF-D58 220V
      MAR28-D74 26khz 80W JYD-2900EM JYD-5028-4P8-SMFI 220V

    Ultrasonic welding system for non-woven packaging
    Ultrasonic welding system for non-woven packaging
    Ultrasonic welding system for non-woven packaging
    Ultrasonic welding system for non-woven packaging
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