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Ultrasonic plastic welding machine-H40/40S, it is an intelligent digital ultrasonic plastic welder machine researched and developed by us. We use perfect and optimized real-time phase-locked loop tracking technology in developing this plastic welder, which achieves more stable and reliable operation. Flexible human-machine interface configuration gains more flexible product application.
  • Products Description
      The ultrasonic welding machine for plastic is equipped with a standard 4.3-inch HMI human-machine delivery interface to realize visual operation and control; added split design and horizontal control system, Meet most on-site welding needs. The design of the ultrasonic soldering machine is very compact, not only compact in size, but also sturdy and durable, not easily damaged. This design enables the machine to remain stable during long-term operation, reducing the failure rate.

      Intelligent management: 4.3-inch HMI human-computer interaction interface (Chinese and English interchange).
      Frequency chasing mode: automatic frequency chasing function.
      Amplitude control: The amplitude is divided into steps, amplitude compensation, 10-100% precision adjustable.
      Welding mode: time, energy, grounding.
      Quality management: time and energy mutual detection, data recording and export.
      Protection function: abnormal frequency, voltage, current, communication.
      Lifting and adjusting mold: manual adjustment + ruler.
      Machine features: high-strength body, Taiwan brand pneumatic components, cylindrical shape.
    Technical Parameters
      Products H40S series
      working frequency 15KHZ 15KHZ 15KHZ 20KHZ
      Working power 4200W 3200W 2600W 3000W            2500W           1200W           1200W           1200W            800W
      Working voltage/gas source 220V±10% / 0.2~0.7Mpa
      Welding stroke 100MM 75MM 75MM 75MM 75MM 75MM 75MM 75MM 75MM
      Body size mm 750*900*1900 650*750*1880 390*630*1050 650*750*1880 390*630*1050
      Net weight ≤260KG ≤150KG ≤85KG ≤150KG ≤85KG
      Operation interface 4.3 inch touch screen
    Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine-H40S
    Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine-H40S
    Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine-H40S
    Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine-H40S
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