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W10 handheld ultrasonic plastic spot welding machine is a movable hand held ultrasonic welder. It is composed of ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic welding head and ultrasonic transducer. The system can be used in conjunction with corresponding handheld welding equipment, and can also be directly connected to a combined structure with a transducer, an amplitude modulator and a welding head for automatic operation. Compared with other traditional processes (such as gluing, ironing or screw fastening, etc.), it has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high efficiency, no deformation, no pollution, firm welding, and convenient operation.
  • Products Description
      Ultrasonic spot welding machine is suitable for the connection of parts with high strength requirements and large volume, extrusion molding and thermoplastic material parts, and the connection of parts with complicated geometry and difficult to reach welding surfaces. Applicable materials include: ABS, PP, PE, PC, PUC, PMMA, PS, PPS, PBT, PETG, etc.; applicable industries include: plastics, electronics, electrical appliances, auto parts, packaging, environmental protection, medical, non-woven clothing, stationery Daily necessities, plastic toys, sporting goods, communication equipment, etc.

      Real-time frequency automatic tracking, automatic correction, multiple welding modes can be set;
      Strong amplitude output, 20%-100% adjustable amplitude;
      Protection of overvoltage, overcurrent, overpower consumption, etc.;
      Hand held ultrasonic welder can be used as an automatic device Component application;
      Can be adapted to riveting, nailing, cutting or other mechanical fixing, with high production efficiency and low cost;
      The welding head can be customized according to the riveting point size and welding requirements of the welding product;
      The portable ultrasonic welder is small in size and light in weight. High heat dissipation efficiency, simple operation;
      Firm welding surface, high welding strength, beautiful appearance, zero waste;
      Safe use, stable and reliable work, and low failure rate.
    Technical Parameters
      Model Ambient temperature Frequency Power Max. output current Voltage Generator model Horn material Package size(MM) Gross weight
      W10 0-40℃ 28KHz 300W 3A 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz 2900SP Steel, aluminum, titanium L516*W314*H268 7.1KG
    Handheld Ultrasonic Plastic Spot Welder W10
    Handheld Ultrasonic Plastic Spot Welder W10
    Handheld Ultrasonic Plastic Spot Welder W10
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